“Gregg Coodley has a fascinating way of taking his readers on a journey deep into mostly forgotten eras in history. Once again, everything here is carefully researched and then revealed in such a manner that it becomes truly one of those books that’s hard to put down.” 

        -Zed Merrill, author, Invisible are the Brave 

 “The Good Monarchs explores the life and times of 18 rulers whose reigns extend from the mists of prehistory to the 21st century, whose sense of purpose and duty drove them to govern for the broader good of all their subjects… The flawed, but benevolent rulers profiled in this insightful volume rose above their era’s tribal and ethnic allegiances to embrace an expansive sense of tolerance, compassion and justice for all their people – ideals that are as rare now as in the distant past.” 

        -W. R. McRae, author, Lonely Planet Pacific Northwest: Oregon

“Political Scientists have largely lost interest in monarchs, and those that survive generally serve as tourist attractions.  But for most of human history, societies were mostly governed by monarchs, and Gregg Coodley relates stories that illustrate those societies and the decisions that shaped them. From legendary figures such as Queen Elizabeth I and Suleiman the Magnificent to less known rulers from medieval Mali and Cambodia, Coodley shows what makes power effective – and with a reach from Spain to Thailand, finds some vital royal roles for our time.” 

        -David Sarasohn, Editor/Columnist (retired), The Oregonian   

 “From biblical kings to recent constitutional monarchs, this book delivers a series of engaging biographies that speak to a big historical question. Are good monarchs born or do circumstances force them to favor good over evil and expediency? The 18 lives you’ll read here show that there is no single route to becoming a good monarch and there is no guarantee that good monarchs will have heirs who carry forward their goodness.” 

        -Robert Liebman, Professor of Sociology, Portland State University   

“The Good Monarchs travels around the world in its vivid, engaging portrayal of those monarchs who took their birthrights and aspired to something more than a life of luxury or conquest.   Without flinching from their faults, The Good Monarchs breathes new life into rulers both well known in history and largely overlooked until now. In doing so, the book challenges us all to consider what it truly means to be a good leader.”   


        -Nora Coon, Author, The Diabetes Game: A Teenager’s Guide to Living Well with Diabetes