Dr. Coodley will be doing a book reading at Annie Bloom's on 11/5 @ 7pm.

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The Good Monarchs

Bendrogo Publishing announces the  publication of The Good Monarchs: History's Greatest Kings, Queens, Emperors, Sultans and Caliphs in  August 2018


 The Good Monarchs: History's Best Kings, Queens, Emperors, Sultans and Caliphs is a book telling the stories of 18 of the best royal rulers in the last 2600 years. The rulers profiled come from 4 continents and 18 different nation states. From Mali to Poland, Cambodia to Brazil, these monarchs set a standard for rule far above the average. A work of biography and  political science, The Good Monarchs tells who these men and women were and what made them special as people and as sovereigns. The Good Monarchs is one of the good books to read for for those interested in in unique histories

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